A horse with a bit is LAME in the mouth

Bits can suffocate a horse

Barefoot / Natural

Bracey Clark

Bracey Clark was a veterinarian in London about 170 years ago. He and I would have had a lot to share, and likely could have worked together on some projects.

It's interesting to note how long this information has been around, and yet how pervasive the misinformation and ignorance around hoof care has remained.

Tradition has NEVER been a good reason to do anything. Human EGO has often been the primary reason our work animals have suffered. If shoeing horses was necessary to have a good relationship with a horse, I would be supportive of the practice. What I realize, just as Bracey Clark did nearly two hundred years ago, is that nailing a rigid steel plate to a horse has uniformly damaging results. The entire paradigm of farriery is flawed at it's foundation when it continues to use steel next to the horses' skin.

Individuals in the industry cling to an antiquated set of beliefs and are fighting a losing battle, and for only selfish reasons.

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